Marlboro Prime Touch

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Looking for a top-quality smoking experience that can’t be beat? Look no further than Marlboro Prime Touch! Available for order on, these premium cigarettes offer a smooth and satisfying taste that will keep you coming back for more.

The Finest Tobacco

One of the key features that sets Marlboro Prime Touch apart from the competition is its unique “soft touch” filter. This innovative design provides a more comfortable, and enjoyable smoking experience, making it easier for you to indulge in your favorite routine.

  • 200 cigarettes with filter.
  • Tar – 1 mg
  • Nicotine – 0.1 mg

But that’s not all – Marlboro Prime Touch also uses only the finest tobacco leaves, ensuring that every drag is packed with flavor. And with a sleek and stylish design, these cigarettes, are the perfect accessory for any smoking enthusiast.

If you’re ready to take your smoking to the next level, get your Marlboro Prime Touch filters from We provide reasonable pricing and simple delivery choices, that allow you to have your filters delivered right to your home. Don’t wait on upgrading your smoking experience any longer; try Marlboro Prime Touch filters today!

Our online store offers a wide variety of options for you to choose from: Marlboro Premium Black, Marlboro Red Soft, Marlboro Gold, Marlboro Touch, Marlboro Silver, Marlboro Black Gold, Marlboro Flavor Plus, Marlboro, Micro Marlboro White Mint Box Filter and many more.

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    I would highly recommend

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    Good website, easy to find what you want

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