Marlboro Flavor Plus

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When it comes to cigarettes, Marlboro Flavor Plus is a real game-changer for smokers seeking a distinctive and pleasant smoking experience. These cigarettes give a flavor unlike any other since they are made with carefully chosen tobacco leaves and a special combination. These cigarettes are a very pleasurable option for any smoker because they have neither a strong aroma nor a bitter aftertaste. For those who like a pleasant cigarette without the overpowering odor, these cigarettes come in a handy king-size box. Don’t pass up Marlboro Flavor Plus’ outstanding quality and flavor. Discover a whole new universe of smokes by giving them a try now.

Exceptional Quality and Flavor

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Here are the characteristics of Marlboro Flavor Plus

  • One pack contains 20 cigarettes
  • tar – 4 mg
  • nicotine – 0.3 mg

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2 reviews for Marlboro Flavor Plus

  1. amiya

    I class myself as a regular buyer now and I am certainly not disappointed.

  2. harry

    Excellent products, easy ordering with super fast delivery. Highly recommend!

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